OUR PRINT COLLECTION offer three products in a range of sizes and finishes:


1. FINE ART PRINTS - Unframed limited edition prints on heavy-weight, archival cotton rag paper. 

  • Small print - 57x38cm  $600
  • Medium print - 81x54cm $800
  • Large print - 116x77cm $1100

2.  SHADOW LINE FRAMED PRINTS - An understated, contemporary deep timber frame with an exposed photographic print which maximises edge to edge printing. The archival, lustre giclee print is mounted on a solid backing and hovers 7mm from the frame edge, flush with the front edge of the timber, creating a shadow line around the image. Available in either tasmanian raw oak, black or white finish.

  • Medium Shadow Line Frame - 95 x 64cm frame with 91 x 60cm image size $900
  • Large Shadow Line Frame - 119 x 80.5cm frame with 115 x 76.5cm image size $1300

3. TRADITIONAL FRAMED PRINTS -  Your photograph, printed on archival, heavy weight, cotton rag paper is mounted under a white archival mount board and framed behind UV filtering acrylic. Air tight and beautifully finished, this style of frame perfectly preserves your photographic print in a simple and timeless style.  Available in either tasmanian raw oak, black or white finish.

  • Medium Traditional Frame - 95 x 68 cm and  80 x 54cm image size  $1000
  • Large Traditional Frame - 118 x 85 cm and 101 x 68cm image size  $1500

Our FRAMES are available in three finishes: Raw Tasmanian Oak, Black or White powder coated as seen below:

Our prints and framed prints are signed, numbered, then personally packaged by us before shipping to ensure a safe delivery to you. Our prices include GST.

  • Shipping for unframed fine are prints is charged at a flat fee of $25 Australia wide
  • Shipping for framed prints is charged at a flat fee of $100 Australia wide 
  • International shipping is available for unframed fine art prints only and is charged at $175